Hello World Gift
by Yalla Baby Box

The ultimate and most convenient newborn gift in the UAE.
Tailored made by the first and only baby subscription box company in the GCC.

Friend, family or co-worker about to become a new parent?

You've arrived to the right place.

Rings a bell?

- Don't have too much of a clue about what to gift to an expecting/new mum

- Are worrying that the gift you're thinking about might not be useful

- Want to give her something meaningful that doesn't cost one arm and a leg

- Want something that It's personalised enough so it's special

- Have NO idea where to get something that meet all the above conditions!

We've got something to tell you

Yalla Baby Box helps you get the perfect newborn gift that will make you look like a total baby pro.

A bespoke expecting parent gift.

Natalie B.
Friend of Sophie (New Mum)

"Got stuck with 0 idea for a newborn gift and then my friend (also a mum) recommended Yalla Baby Gift box. They were so impressed with the level of detail and even a dedicated note - so happy I chose them"

Nadia A.
Colleague of Elina (New Mum)

"The only gift I felt it was going to be 100% useful without doubts are a box of baby essentials it's impossible to miss with a gift like this. Thanks"

Richard C.
Friend of Sebastian (New Dad)

"I've actually got no idea whatsoever about babies, im not a father myself, but Yalla Baby made me look like a total pro! My friend is super impressed and happy with the bunch of essentials I've got him"

So how does it work?