Your Questions Answered.

Your Questions Answered.

Hi There! It’s Steph from Yalla Baby Box here 🙂

We have received quite a few questions about Boxes, so I’m going to give answers to some of the most popular questions I’ve been asked today!

FAQ 1: What is Yalla Baby Box?

Yalla Baby Box is the first and only baby essentials subscription service in the UAE.

Parents create their OWN box selecting the items they need every month (or on a one-time basis if you just need a product one-time) and we’ll deliver automatically every 4 weeks.


Don’t be scared there’s no commitment on the subscription at all you can cancel or pause anytime – no fees involved.

PLUS you get 10% OFF all the products you subscribe to.


FAQ 2: Who is Yalla Baby Box for?

In short, it’s for parents who want to provide the absolute best service available for their children.

If you are someone who…

– HATE wasting time (Supermarket Queues – Traffic Jams – Getting the kids to sit in the car).

– SUFFERS from terrible customer service reps and struggle to communicate with other e-commerce websites that just want your money.

– LOVES an easy, convenient & affordable service to keep your baby essentials always in stock.

…this will help you get an EASY parenting life. While ripping the benefits of a bespoke baby care service.

Sounds like you? Click here to order your first box.


FAQ 3: What makes Yalla Baby Box different from other offerings?

The first and only monthly subscription service for all your baby & parent world.

YES! We even have parent’s products so you don’t need to be managing 10’s different websites to get all you need.

PLUS there’s up to 3,500 AED in loyalty rewards when you keep your subscription active!


FAQ 4: How much time will Yalla Baby Box Delivery take?

Are you in Dubai?


We’ve got next day delivery on all Dubai orders.

So… ordering at 11:59 pm? We’ll deliver tomorrow before midday.

That’s less than a 12-hour delivery!

For all other Emirates, it’s just 2 days.


FAQ 5: Should I buy now?

A wise man once said, “The best time to plant a tree was yesterday. The next best time is now.”

The same applies to you. If not now, then when? Imagine where you would be in a few months if you started today (There’s 3,500 AED in loyalty rewards – so the sooner you start your subscription the better). You can do this!

We have loyalty gifts to all our loyal Yalla Baby parents! This includes products worth over 100’s of Dirhams. The more you stay the better the gifts are!

Click here to create your Yalla Baby Box now! 😉

Okay, that’s all for now! I hope that you will join us! We’ll make your parenting life so much easier quickly one Yalla Baby Box delivery at a time.

Now’s the time for you to get started. You deserve this.

Take care!

Steph – Yalla Baby Box

Still got doubts? Head over to our Instagram Page or shoot us an email at

How to edit your monthly box

How to edit your monthly box

Our #1 goal is and will always be to make parents’ lives easier! And that’s why we’re the first and only baby & mum essential subscription service in the GCC.

But… what happens when you want to customize your box? Add or remove items? Change diaper size subscription? 

We’re glad you asked because we’re going to cover all of that and more in this short step by step post.

To edit your box first you’ll need to log in.

Once you’re logged in, head to the “My Boxes” Section.

Customizing your box

In the “Coming Boxes” tab you’ll be able to see your future boxes. Click on Edit content.

Adding products

Now over to the fun part, click add products and start adding whatever you need for your next Yalla Baby Box delivery. 

Please make sure you tick the items in the small checkbox if you want to subscribe to them. (Some items such as bottles are not available for subscription.)

Saving Changes

Once you’ve added all the desired items to your next box, click the cart icon on the top right. There you’ll be able to choose which items you want to subscribe to or not. Finally,  click “Save Changes” and you’re done! 🙂 


For any further queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

How to adjust shipping dates or pause your subscription

How to adjust shipping dates or pause your subscription

  • Are you running out of diapers before the month’s subscription is due?
  • Do you still have enough diapers in stock from your previous subscription box and don’t need your box ASAP?
  • Are you planning to go on a holiday and need to pause your box temporarily/indefinitely? 

We’ve made it EXTREMELY easy for you to modify shipping dates or pause for any of the above situations.

Have in mind pausing and rescheduling your box is totally FREE. There are no costs for pausing/rescheduling your subscription.

The good thing about pausing is that you don’t lose your subscription streaks and earning loyalty rewards (up to 3,500 AED in prizes)


  • You’ll need to log in to your account


  • Click on the ‘My Boxes’ Section

Once you log in you’ll be redirected to the Yalla Baby dashboard where you’ll be able to see all of our products. On the top left corner you will find a menu icon.

Click on it and once the sidebar appears, click on ‘My Boxes’.


  • If you’d like to change delivery dates click on Reschedule

You should see two tabs – upcoming boxes and past boxes. To change your shipping date, click on upcoming boxes.

Once you see the shipping date field, simply select the new date on which you’d like your box to be delivered.




  • If you’d like to pause your subscription

You can skip up to 3 deliveries at once when you pause or also pause indefinitely if you need to – so you don’t lose the loyalty rewards. All of these options are FREE.

Click Pause.

Select the pauseoption that’s most suitable for you.


  • Reactivating a paused box

Once your box is paused it will all be greyed out. To reactivate your subscription you’ll need to click on “Activate”.

For further information, you can always contact us at