Breast Cancer Awareness by Dana Haddad MD PhD

Breast Cancer Awareness by Dana Haddad MD PhD

Breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer in women, with one in 8 women developing breast cancer in their lifetime. Of these women, 75% do not have a family history or known risk factors. Breast cancer is also the number one cause of cancer-related death in women. However, if detected early, breast cancer is treatable. This is why breast screening is so important in the fight against this all too common disease.

Early detection of breast cancer requires breast self-awareness, including self-examination, and screening with mammography and possibly an ultrasound. It also requires knowing your personal lifetime risk of developing breast cancer and assessing your family history, which guidelines to a breast MRI and/or genetic testing is recommended. Last, knowing the density of your breasts, which is the ratio of breast tissue compared to fat in your breasts, means you may need an ultrasound in addition to your mammogram.

According to the American College of Radiology, breast screening is recommended annually starting at age 40, or 10 years prior to a first degree relative diagnosed with the condition, whichever is earlier.

If you are at high risk of developing cancer, screening is recommended earlier, usually starting at 35 in the UAE. If you are a BRCA gene mutation carrier, which is a known risk factor for developing breast and/or ovarian cancer,  or your status is unknown and you have a 1st degree relative with BRCA gene mutation, then screening with MRI is recommended starting at age 25, and mammography starting at age 30. Screening imaging modalities include mammogram, which is the basis of screening, and possible supplementary ultrasound and/or MRI.

Risk assessment is usually based on a series of questions including previous biopsies, age at first birth, and family history. Family history is important, as certain forms of breast cancer can be hereditary. The most commonly used risk assessment tools are the GAIL model and IBIS models, with the IBIS model also incorporating your breast density. The model provides a percentage lifetime risk of developing breast cancer, with < 15% being considered an average risk, 15 – 20% intermediate risk, and > 20% high risk. Based on your risk assessment, your radiologist and doctor can recommend the best screening program that is right for you. 

In addition to imaging, it is important to know your breasts and perform self-examinations.

The best place to examine yourself is in the shower after your period has ended if premenopausal, or once a month. You can use the flats of three fingers to examine each quadrant of the breast with respect to the nipple. Don’t forget to check all the way to your breast bone, and all the way to the side, as many of us, have breast tissue in these locations also. Also, check up on the underarms for any enlarged lymph glands. Things to look for are lumps or masses, skin changes especially redness and swelling of the breasts and skin dimpling, nipple changes, and underarm swelling.

A diagnosis of breast cancer usually begins with your breast radiologist, who will perform a minimally invasive image-guided biopsy. There are many treatment options for breast cancer. The mainstay of treatment is surgery, and possibly chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and radiation therapy. Surgical options include a lumpectomy if the cancer is localized to a small area, or mastectomy, which is the removal of the whole breast. You will be treated usually by a team of breast specialists including the radiologist, surgeon, oncologist, and radiation oncologist.

Although we do not know the exact cause of breast cancer, many risk factors are known. It is important not to blame yourself if you are diagnosed with breast cancer. However, there are lifestyle factors that may help lessen your risk, including maintaining a healthy weight, adding exercise into your routine, limiting alcohol intake, limiting menopausal hormone use, and breastfeeding if you can.

Talk to your doctor about your breast cancer risk, and incorporate breast self-awareness, screening, and a healthy lifestyle into your routine, so we can achieve a world without breast cancer.

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7 Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

7 Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Motherhood is a wonderful and glorious thing, but it would be dishonest to say that there aren’t any drawbacks. One of the most unavailable ones is going to be stretch marks. It doesn’t matter how good your skin is, at some point during your pregnancy, marks are going to start being fairly visible. That said, this doesn’t have to be an unsolvable problem. In this article, we at Yalla Baby will give you seven great tips on how you can hide, reduce, and even entirely get rid of your stretch marks!

Cover it Up

That’s right, for our first tip we’ll give you the one that is most simple. There are so many different ways to consider, far too many to list out in this one article, but one personal recommendation is getting a cosmetic corrector stick in various different shades of color, whichever matches your skin tone. These can be paired up with the color of your stretch marks to hide your marks very well.

Another popular way that’s come up is to use shea butter when the marks first start appearing and regularly apply it to them.

Stay Hydrated

Another really easy one! It really might sound like generic advice, but this really does help. Your body is mostly made of water. This is especially true of your skin cells, which require a lot of it to repair themselves as efficiently as possible. To better recover from the trauma of stretching, it is suggested that you drink eight or more cups of water every day to keep your skin as healthy as possible. Don’t force yourself to drink when you don’t want to, but try to have some whenever you can.

Prenatal Belly Messages

If you’re worried about stretch marks in advance of them actually appearing, there is something you can do to help minimize or in some cases even prevent them entirely. A prenatal belly massage with body oil or lotion, performed for a few minutes at least twice a day will help better allow your skin to adjust to stretching as your baby bump grows.

Laser Treatments

If you really want to absolutely ensure that they’re as invisible as possible, laser treatments are probably going to be your best option here. There are many different types of treatments and they will all be different based on your unique situation, so you will want to consult with a dermatologist about what works best for your needs. Just understand that they won’t make your marks completely gone, just very well blended in.

Before rushing to get this done, there is something important to consider. Most of the time, stretch marks will fade over time and naturally become less visible. These treatments can cost upwards of between $500 to several thousand dollars to perform. Furthermore, these treatments will be rendered completely pointless if you later decide to have another child. Make sure you fully understand what you’re doing before you commit to these treatments.


Exercise is something that in today’s world is increasingly undervalued. It does more than just make you more lean and muscular depending on what you’re doing, it is also very important for things like recovering from stretch marks and even just feeling happier in general.

Any sort of exercise will do, it really doesn’t matter that much. Just choose something that you know that you will be able to both do consistently and have fun while performing it. If you must have some suggestions, consider things like swimming, jogging, walking, yoga, or pilates, but you truly can’t go wrong with something you know you personally enjoy.

Put Ice On Them

Ice? You got it. Stretch marks are basically teeny little scars that form and spread out as your skin stretches. It doesn’t help that these marks then swell, which makes them look even more visible. To help make them less visible and even help a bit with the healing process, put an ice pack or even just a bag of frozen vegetables over a section of your marks and keep them there for up to 10 minutes. Then move on to another section for 10, then repeat until you’ve covered everything.

Keep a Healthy Diet

You can follow all of these tips religiously, but if you’re not eating right, then you won’t be taking them at full advantage. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is very important for your body to start repairing the marks. It is also just as important to be cutting out junk food and snacks that you really don’t need. Drop the sugary drinks and replace them with healthier choices. It may seem like you’re cutting all the fun out of eating, but it’s well worth it if you want your body to be doing all it can to heal.

Bonus: Wear Them With Pride!

So what if you have stretch marks or not? These lines show just how much you went through to bring that beautiful child into the world. It’s become trendy as of late for mothers to not just embrace having them, but actively show them off in a way that compliments their outfits. Also keep in mind that, as mentioned previously, there’s a good chance that over the next few years that they will begin to fade on their own.

There’s nothing wrong with hiding them, but there’s also nothing to be ashamed of about them either!


Motherhood leaves battle scars, but they don’t need to be something that has to stick with you for the rest of your life. There are so many ways to remove them that this article is only scratching the surface. For some, the best tip is to just be proud of what you look like and embrace the stretch marks. For many, they will start healing regardless and eventually go away all on their own.

Keep up with Yalla Baby to learn more incredible motherhood tips and get the products you need to make this chapter of your life the easiest it can be!

5 “Mom Hacks” You’d Never Expect

5 “Mom Hacks” You’d Never Expect

When it comes to being a mom, you often don’t have enough time to do the things you need, let alone keep your life in check. These hacks seek to change that. In this article, we will give you five hacks that we think will make a big difference in keeping you and your child sane and happy.

1: Get A Baby Formula Maker

There’s just about nothing worse in existence than a hungry baby waking you up in the middle of the night and needing to spend time fumbling around with the faucet, desperately trying to get the water heated not too hot and not too cold. Not to mention trying to scoop just the right amount of formula, mixing it, and getting everything just right all while holding a baby in one arm. It’s a waking nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. For mothers that have trouble producing enough milk for their children, this is what you need.

With a formula maker, all you have to do is add water to the reservoir and some formula to the compartment for it and that’s it. The device keeps the water at the perfect temperature at all times and will dispense freshly mixed formula at the press of a button. All you have to do is place your baby’s bottle into the tray compartment, select how many ounces you need, and it will get right to work. Within moments, your savior is here and you and your baby can get back to sleep.

2: Get a Yalla Baby Box

Moms have to do so much work to keep things together. It can be overwhelming at times to keep up with all of your baby’s needs. To help make things easier for them, consider getting the Yalla Baby Box. What is it? Very simply, it’s your saving grace.

Yalla Baby lets you pick and choose monthly deliveries of everything you need for your child, like diapers, wipes, shampoo, toys, even formula, and have it all delivered monthly straight to your door. Say goodbye to constant shopping trips and always forgetting the one thing you really needed the most anyway.

3: Make a Busy-Kit For Every Occasion

Let’s face it, no young child on Earth will sit still for more than a few moments. A few moments after that, they’re bored and need fresh mental stimulation. For this next hack, consider putting together a little kit you can use to entertain your kids that will keep them happy in situations where they would otherwise be bored out of their minds.

This kit can include all sorts of things, whatever you know your kid is consistently entertained by. Things like crayons, little coloring books (or even just some scraps of paper), small toys, a puzzle box, whatever! Make sure that all of this can be neatly packed into a bag or box that can be easily transported from place to place.

If all else fails and your kid simply refuses to play with any of the things you brought, try handing them your phone. Make sure that your kid isn’t the type to likely throw things. If they are, maybe don’t then. This is a good time to mention that you should have a good quality phone case, just in case they decide to see how far it can fly.

4: Rotate In and Out Toys

Again, children get bored real quick. One minute your kid will be perfectly happy to play with the little red car for hours at a time for days on end. Then, all of a sudden, they couldn’t care less about it. One way to combat this is to have a large surplus of toys that aren’t out in the open for them.

Keep multiple bins filled with different and unique toys. Have one of them out for a week, letting them play with whatever they like the most. At the end of that week, swap it out for another. You’ll know pretty quickly if they miss something. There’s no reason to deny them the ability to continue playing with something if they miss it, but ensure that you’re continuing to shake things up. You may find that they start getting interested again in a toy they previously got bored of.

5: Rule of Balance

This last tip is all about hacking your time. The rule of balance stipulates that you organize your life in such a way that it is healthy and easy to manage. For overworked moms, this hack is especially for you. Remember, even when you have a child, which does indeed require a large amount of your attention, you need to find time for yourself. Typically, this rule is laid out as 70% mom work, and 30% time for yourself.

Something that will really help is by involving your husband. Have him take on a bit more of the work that you know you can trust him to handle. Force yourself to step away for at least an hour or so and do something entirely different, possibly even out of the house. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that lets you take your mind off everything for that time. The key is that you’re able to clear your thoughts and recharge your metaphorical batteries.

No, this will not always be possible to achieve. Motherhood is considered a full-time job for a reason. However, it is something to strive for. With how mentally taxing some days can be, you will need these breaks. You will be happier for it, that’s for sure.


Motherhood is hard. There’s no magic button to make all the problems and pitfalls suddenly and miraculously disappear, though the Yalla Baby Box really does help a lot on that front. Some days will be really rough and that’s just the way life is. That said, it’s important to cherish these years. In a short time, they’ll be up and running, off to school, and then out the door. You don’t want to be resenting all that time you spent.

By following these tips, you will be able to make your children’s early years much more smooth and more fun. You can customize your own Yalla Baby package here.

Does becoming a mom, mean losing a bit of your ‘old self’?

Does becoming a mom, mean losing a bit of your ‘old self’?

When becoming a mother, many women feel that a part of themselves gets left behind in a former child-free life. Let’s be honest, a mother’s brain is now filled with somewhat different thoughts and priorities e.g.

When is the next bottle due?

How many wet nappies have we had today?

Is my baby getting enough sleep?

Why isn’t my baby doing that yet?

The list is endless, so how would a mother still have time to keep 100% of her ‘former self’?

What used to be second nature now doesn’t get given a thought:
  • Picking out an outfit that makes you feel exceptionally great – Baby looks fabulous, mama is now lucky if she is in clean leggings and t-shirt
  • Playing your favourite track whilst you drive and losing yourself in the moment – Babies favourite nursery rhythm is on repeat and you’re singing along
  • That weekly netball match followed by team catch up – Baby Sensory, Baby Sign Language, Baby Massage…
  • Not forgetting getting spruced up for date night – Baby is sleeping, dinner is eaten on the sofa with a Netflix series all before passing out before the end

Of course, not forgetting one of the biggest changes of all for many mothers, their career! As a natural progression into their new role as a mama, many women choose to take an extended period off work or even leave their career altogether.

No more boardroom presentations, the adrenaline of a deadline and adult conversations with colleagues over coffee. Conversation now stems around milestones, weaning and sleep regressions.

So really, it’s no wonder many women mourn the loss of a part of themselves. But is it all bad? Absolutely not! A whole new and exciting, albeit challenging sometimes, chapter has opened. The joy of watching your child grow, develop and become their own person outweighs that of a solo shopping day.

And of course, there are always ways to meet in the middle, be the best mama you can and try to enjoy as much as you can. It all comes down to that commonly used phrase…

Finding Balance:
  • Prepare an outfit the evening before so you too can look and feel fabulous for the day ahead
  • Sign up for a subscription service like Yalla Baby so you don’t need to be running errands and wasting time in the shops.
  • Educate and encourage your children to enjoy your favourite music, play and dance around whilst cooking together and watch how your child fills up with joy
  • Tag team with your partner or ask for help from family and loved ones so you can still attend your weekly activity and be 100% yourself and not mama for an hour or two
  • No babysitter? No problem. Dress up, set the table, light a candle and cook dishes from yours and your partner’s favourite restaurant. You can enjoy a date night at home too.
  • And finally, make an effort to have an adult-only conversation.  After all, if you don’t, you may find yourself beginning to coo, gaga and blow bubbles before not too long

Becoming a mother does not mean losing your former self, however, yes it does mean making effort and mixing your usual life up a little. 

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Happy Mama, Happy Baby – Tips, tricks and a mama’s perspective

Happy Mama, Happy Baby – Tips, tricks and a mama’s perspective

The overarching question here is, how are you supposed to fuel someone else’s happiness if you’re not happy yourself? Surely the answer is simple? Make sure you’re happy and as a result, you’ll be able to be a fabulous mother and in turn, achieve a happy family.

If only it was that simple. Between feeding on demand, to washing and sterilizing countless bottles, getting baby down for their routine nap (or lack thereof), to trying to hang the washing out whilst grabbing another caffeine hit. Motherhood is hard, so when is there time for my happiness?

The solution is obtainable; however, it requires commitment. Commitment primarily to yourself, which results in your undeniable commitment to your role as a mother and your family.

So many of us mothers find putting ourselves first difficult when our priorities are now our children, their needs, and their happiness. But what if I told you that through just a few simple changes, you too could feel more yourself, more energized, and ultimately, be a happier mama.

I’m afraid the list of suggestions does not include daily salon trips, dial a nanny service or a mama and friends retreat weekend away, however, you’re the only one that can make your wishes come true. 

Simple hacks to a happier mama and baby:

  1. Listen to a podcast, your favourite playlist or an audiobook whilst working through your household chores. Your hands may not be free but your ears are so why not utilize the time to learn something new, have a sing-along or listen to a romcom novel. Mother Tongue Podcast (Sponsors of this blog) is available on Spotify or Deezer. Click here to listen
  2. Sleep deprivation as a parent isn’t an uncommon thing, however, it doesn’t hurt to catch up on a few ZZZ’s once the baby is down every now and then. Listen to your body, the dishes, tidying of the playroom and prep for tomorrow’s sensory play can wait. Nothing will be achieved if you’re not well-rested. 
  3. You too deserve alone time, no that doesn’t mean showering or getting groceries alone. It means some quality time for me, myself, and I. Whether it be a weekly candlelit bath and facemask, an hour of watching your favourite Netflix series and a hot coffee, heading to the salon to get a mani/pedi or meeting a girlfriend to grab a bite to eat. Its for you and your partner to work together in order for you both to make time for yourselves and equally, each other. 
  4. Do not underestimate the power of nourishing your body through wholesome foods as well as getting your body moving. Ensuring your children eat a balanced diet and get regular exercise is just as important for yourself. Experiencing the release of endorphins from raising your heart rate is somewhat euphoric. Your increased energy and mood will be infectious to your family and loved ones, so get out for a pre bedtime power walk or tune in to an online workout during nap time, you will not regret it.
  5. Wonder Woman masks do not last for a lifetime so do not try to hide beneath it when you are struggling. Reach out for support, this is by no means a sign of weakness, on the contrary, you are asking for help so you can be the best version of yourself for your family. Ask family or friends to pass by for an hour so you can get on top of your to do list whilst they give their undivided attention to your children. Or, why not ask them to babysit whilst you and your partner go out for a well-deserved date night. You’ll find that family and friends jump at the opportunity, all you have to do is find the courage to ask.

The above are only achievable simple hacks if you (with the help of your partner) make the commitment to making them happen. You are in control of your happiness, you are in the saddle and you are capable of equally giving yourself and your family your all. 

With Love ❤️

Yalla Baby and Mother Tongue 

Mom Guilt – What is it and how can we eradicate it? Pronto!

Mom Guilt – What is it and how can we eradicate it? Pronto!

Those voices in your head barking that you haven’t spent enough time on developmental play today, that’s mom guilt. That you don’t make enough time to take your child to countless classes of Baby Sensory or Messy Play, that’s mom guilt. That you haven’t batch cooked organic banana quinoa mini muffins for the afternoon snack, that’s mom guilt. And, that you don’t see your child enough because you’re a working mom, that’s also mom guilt!

What those voices do not consider is the house work that still needs to get done, the amount of money it costs to take your child to every class available, the amount of time (that you just don’t have spare) that it takes to make every meal and snack from scratch, and the reality that if you didn’t work, you wouldn’t be able to save for school fee’s.

At some point throughout every parenting journey those incredibly persuasive voices will claw you into their grip originating from personal insecurities to outside pressures from family, friends, social media, and other sources.

So how can we prevent those voices from speaking to us?

  • Children know no different
    • Our children have no expectations, therefore know no better than to be happy and content with what we provide them. If you cannot attend Baby Yoga, Baby Sensory and Little Musicians every week they’ll never know and learning to be content and playing solo also has its huge benefits.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
    • No two lives or circumstances are the same, what’s best for Martha from Messy Play doesn’t mean it’s best nor right for you and your family.
  • Remember everything is ‘filtered’
    • What you see when scrolling through Sarah’s Instagram half asleep whilst doing the night feed is very rarely reality. Remember, 9/10 only the ‘good life’ is shown in those little squares, portraying a far cry from how life really looks.
  • Parenting priorities
    • Write a list of your top parenting priorities e.g. 1 dedicated hour to uninterrupted play when you get home from work or making sure time is spent on preparing nutritionally balanced meals that you feel comfortable feeding to your child. Everything else can be done as and when, as you are ensuring your parenting priorities are achieved. Everyone’s will differ, only YOURS matter.
  • Have a genuine support network around you
    • Why put yourself through socializing with Erica and Katie if they make you feel inadequate and anxious which in turn results in mom guilt? Ensure you have a strong support network who are there to genuinely listen, lift and learn from.
  • Take care of you so you can take care of them
    • When we dedicate time to looking after ourselves e.g. eating a proper meal so we’re not running off of caffeine or taking an hour to exercise and listen to your favourite podcast. We are then able to give our full energized selves to our children which goes a lot further than a tired and irritable mom trying to get through the ABC’s.

So take the pressure off, do not allow these voices in your head to take away from such special moments throughout your motherhood experience through fear that you’re not doing enough.

Love and parent your children on your terms and do not allow what others are doing (or saying) to impact your journey.

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Yalla Baby Team ❤️

Should I Read to my Newborn

Should I Read to my Newborn

Today we have a very special guest post sponsored by Mother Tongue! (Launching December!) About whether you should read to your newborn or not. Find out in this amazing and thorough blog with practical tips and even book recommendations. – Tom from Yalla Baby Box

I knew it was important to read with your child from a young age, but I did wonder how beneficial it would be to read to a newborn. I mean, lack of sleep, trying to master breastfeeding, changing a nappy in the middle of the night with a child who screams as if they’re being tortured! Honestly, does it really matter if I don’t read to my baby from the moment they’re born? I was interested in finding out more, so I started to do some digging!

Reasons it’s Beneficial.

After doing some research, I found an array of reasons why reading to your newborn can be beneficial.

  • Comforting
  • Builds a Bond
  • Develops language and understanding
  • Introduces emotions
  • Visual stimulus
  • Builds memory & vocabulary
  • Builds brain power
  • It gets a response
  • Makes reading fun
  • Stimulates the imagination

Did I witness the benefits?

From the moment my baby was born, I made a conscious effort to read to him, so did I find any of the reasons above to be true?… YES!!! There were so many I could mention, but here are a few that stood out.

Visual stimulus – I noticed as my baby’s eyesight and mobility improved, he started to move his head to look at the images in the books.

Develops language and understanding – It was apparent he was beginning to pick up on the tone and rhythm of my voice from his bodily reactions. He would stare at the different shapes my mouth made; because of this, I would exaggerate the words.

Builds brain power – I introduced him to books where the images are hidden under flaps, at first he would only look at the pictures, but over time he began to lift the flaps. These are some of his favourite books because they’re interactive.

Builds memory & vocabulary – My baby is now eight months old, from newborn I have read a lot of the same books to him daily, it is clear he recognizes the books from his facial expressions and the way he explores the book.

Builds a Bond – Some of the more interactive books I will read with him in the day, while at bedtime, I tend to choose storybooks to read to him. After the fun of bathtime, I can tell the story helps to comfort and relax him, and I must say, it’s also a magical bonding time.

I did not find one negative from reading to my baby from newborn. I felt gifted with the benefits it gave to us both. It has aided him at every stage of his development so far and given a special time for mother/baby bonding.

Book recommendations

To find what I’m reading with my baby, please see my recommendations below.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kier

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen 

That’s Not My Monster by Fiona Watt 

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams

11 Tips for Working From Home With a Baby.

11 Tips for Working From Home With a Baby.

The pandemic has changed the way you work. ‘Work from Home’ is the new norm for most of the working people. Though it offers a lot of advantages, it may not be so easy for those with babies.

Babies require a lot of attention, especially from their parents. Thus, working from home when the baby is around is a challenging task. But things can be made easy if you plan ahead of time. This applies to managing the baby as well as your work.

How to Work From Home with a Baby?

  • Talk to your employer.

First and foremost, you should talk to your employer and colleagues about your family situation. Working with a baby in tow is not an easy task. You can win half the battle if your employer and colleagues are understanding. Be clear about how many hours you can work, and when you can attend calls. This makes matters easy for you as well as the employer. Even when there is a distraction when you are on a call, they can easily understand.

  • Take advantage of the baby’s sleeping time.

You can concentrate better and finish work fast when you take advantage of the baby’s sleeping time. If your baby’s sleeping pattern is predictable, it makes your work easier. You can finish important phone calls and meetings around that time.

If the baby does not have a predictable sleep routine, then you can wake up early morning or work late into the night after the baby goes to sleep. We encourage you to do it in the AM Hours as that’s the best performing time for human cognitive skills.

A newborn baby sleeps 2-3 hours at a stretch. This is the right time to catch up on some work. You can even wear the baby on a sling so that the baby feels more comfortable. But remember to take care of your health as your sleeping pattern can also be erratic with a newborn around.

  • Plan ahead of time

It is a good idea to plan and prioritize your work the day before. If you have to prepare some urgent documents, try to do it when the baby is sleeping. Less important and routine work that does not require much concentration can be done when the baby is awake and playing. This way, you can finish the job without much difficulty.

  • Avoid unnecessary grocery trips – Check out Subscriptions!

We know going to the shops takes up a LOT of time. So make use of the UAE’s super convenient services for groceries and of course all the baby essentials you need to be delivered monthly on auto-pilot. 

  • Share the work

This is possible only if you and your partner are working from home. If your partner goes to the office or if you are staying alone, then you can get the help of a baby sitter. The other person can feed and play with the baby when you are attending to your work.

  • Work while you feed

Breastfeeding is an elaborate process that can take a lot of time. Though you are supposed to give full attention to the baby while feeding, you can take an exception while working. You can go through some important documents or attend calls while breastfeeding the baby.

  • Keep distractions away

Social media can be a big distraction while working from home. It can take a chunk of your time. Log out of all social media accounts and disconnect your phone from the internet, if your work permits. Keep a set time every day for checking your social media. Staying away from social media provides you with ample time to attend to your work and baby.

Similarly, you should not get distracted by small things in the house. For, eg; if the baby messes up the room or crawls all over the room do not get distracted. As long as it is safe, you should let the baby do those things and not get distracted.

  • Invest in age-appropriate toys

Toys can keep babies engaged for a long time. Invest in some good quality bouncer or baby swing so that the baby can spend time in it. Stacking toys, building blocks, and chain links can keep older babies engaged for a long time. If you have a toddler, you can buy good quality dolls or vehicle toys, depending on the baby’s interest.

Another option is to create a “busy box.” You can fill this box with small age-appropriate toys, but remember to change them each week. You can reintroduce the same every fortnight. This way, the baby will feel amused and spend time playing with it. Check out Yalla Baby’s here.

  • Arrange sensory activities

You might not find these activities to be amusing. But for babies and toddlers, it can keep them engaged for a long time. Playing with bubbles, drawing with crayons, etc are a few activities that toddlers would enjoy.

  • Create a safe space

Once your baby starts crawling, it is very important to create a safe space at home where you can leave the baby safely. This space should be free of furniture and should have only age-appropriate toys. Space should be baby-friendly and have safety measures installed like edge and corner guards, safety harness, and gates. When you are busy working, you should be able to leave the baby safely in this space.

  • Arrange playdates

If you have toddlers at home, then arranging playdates is a good idea to get some quality time. You can leave your toddler at a neighbors house for a playdate while attending to some important meeting. This way, your baby will be happy and engaged, and you will have quality time to spend working.


Working from home with a baby can be exhausting. You feel as if you are working the whole day. Try to give a break to yourself as much as possible. Go for a ride or take the baby to the park. Order food from outside and catch up on some movies. This helps you to refresh and rejuvenate, and make you capable of meeting new challenges in the coming week.

With love, your favorite subscription service for all your baby essentials.

How to Get Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

How to Get Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Making the baby sleep through the night is one of the biggest challenges faced by all parents. Till the baby is around six months, they continue to wake up at night for feed or diaper change. Once you start giving solid food to babies, they can sleep for a longer duration, especially during the night. Get all of this essentials and more at Yalla Baby.

But this may not work with all babies. Some babies wake up during the night, even when they are not hungry. This can leave the parents irritated and exhausted. If you are one such parent, then here are some ways you can make the baby sleep through the night.

When Do Babies Sleep Through the Night?

There is no one answer to this question. This depends on the baby. Babies who are less than three months of age do not know the difference between day and night. They sleep for 3-4 hours at a stretch and wakes up in between for a feed. This is because their tummy is so small that it can take in only very little milk. Once the milk is digested, the baby feels hungry, and it wakes up.

Once you start giving solid food to the baby at night, the duration of sleep increases. The baby can sleep peacefully for a longer period. But still, the baby wakes occasionally for nighttime feed. This nighttime feed is more a soothing mechanism for the baby than satiating hunger.

Once the baby is around one year old, you should stop feeding during night time. The baby might create some fuss initially. But you should somehow do away with the night time feed so that the baby sleeps peacefully throughout the night.

How to Make the Baby Sleep Through the Night?

Here are some techniques parents can follow to make the baby sleep through the night.

  • Develop a bedtime routine

Developing a bedtime routine makes the actions predictable for the baby. This helps the baby to drift off to sleep and remain calm for a long time. The bedtime routine should be soothing and relaxing for both the baby and the parent.

Overstimulation can make it difficult for the baby to sleep. Thus, try to maintain a calm and peaceful atmosphere towards bedtime. Before going to bed, you can give a bath to the baby in lukewarm water. The water induces drowsiness, which helps the baby to drift off to sleep. If the baby is too small, you can sing a lullaby. Reading out stories and cuddling up are other bedtime routines that babies are sure to enjoy.

How to Get Your Baby Sleep Through the Night.

  • Change the activity level.

This mostly applies to older babies who are awake for a longer duration. During day time, you can keep the baby active by playing with him. But towards bedtime, you should encourage quiet activities like reading books or singing songs. This gives a clue to the baby that it is time to sleep. Moreover, the daytime activities would have made the baby tired that he sleeps peacefully throughout the night.

  • Stick to the same time

You should always put the baby to sleep at the same time every day. It is not a good practice to wait until the baby gets tired and then put him to sleep. This will make the baby more cranky and difficult to sleep. Till the baby is three months, it is tough to set a sleeping time. But after three months, you should stick to a time to put the baby to sleep.

  • Teach the baby to self soothe

If the baby happens to wake up at night, do not rush to the baby at once. Give time for the baby to self-soothe. Let the baby suck the thumb and try to soothe himself. If the baby is still crying, you can go near the baby and place your hand on his chest and slowly pat. But do not lift the baby. If the baby is too small, you can even help the baby get a good thumb grip for sucking.

  • Wean the night feed

This method works best with older babies. Babies usually wake up at night for a feed. If you feed the baby solid food at night, then the baby can stay without feeling hungry for a long time. This way, you can slowly stop breastfeeding the baby.

Babies breastfeed at night, mainly for comfort. If you stop night time feeding, then the baby is more likely to sleep throughout the night.

  • Set a calming ambiance

The ambiance of the room plays a significant role in ensuring a sound sleep. Keep the room dimly lit so that the baby can sleep peacefully. This also provides enough lighting for you to check the baby once in a while. The temperature of the room should also be normal so that the baby feels comfortable.

If you want, you can even play white noise throughout the night. White noise masks all other sounds and creates a feeling of consistency. Ideally, the atmosphere in the baby’s room throughout the night should be the same as when she drifted off to sleep. This helps the baby to sleep peacefully. You should also keep the baby’s bed clear of any toys and pillows.

  • Do not change the diaper.

Apart from hunger, another reason why babies wake up at night is diaper change. Unless the baby cries and makes a fuss, do not change the diaper. This can cause disturbance to the baby and interrupt his sleep. You can use a premium care diaper for the baby that can soak more wetness than the normal diaper. Still not buying your diapers the right way? Try UAE’s Favourite baby box.


Patience is the key to getting the baby to sleep through the night. Sometimes a baby who has been sleeping peacefully throughout the night suddenly wakes up from nighttime sleep. This stage is called sleep regression and is a temporary phase that lasts only a few days. In all likelihood, the baby will return back to the normal sleep routine in a few day’s time.

With Love,

Yalla Baby Team

8 Baby Products Every New Mum Needs

8 Baby Products Every New Mum Needs

Parenting is not an easy task. It brings with it a lot of duties and responsibilities. While on the one hand, you need to attend to every need of the baby; on the other, you should ensure that the baby is well taken care of. From feeding the baby at the right time to meeting all their physical and emotional requirements, the task is endless.

The good news is that there are many baby products that can make your job easy. While some products are familiar, others may not be so, especially for first-time mothers. Here we are sharing a few of the must-have products for a new mother.

  1. Diapers

A newborn baby has only three requirements – a good supply of milk when they are hungry, a cozy bed to sleep, and poop whenever they feel like, and be comfortable. As long as all these requirements are met, your life will be easy.

Hence, a good quality diaper that is appropriate to the baby’s weight is highly essential. While purchasing a diaper, you should ensure that it is of the right size, soft to touch, and has a good absorbing capacity. Brands like Pampers, Huggies, and PureBorn are good quality diapers that keep your baby comfortable. Explore the whole Yalla Baby Range here

  1. Baby Wipes

Keeping your baby clean after every feed and diaper change is highly essential. Baby wipes come handy in such situations. These are soft, wet wipes that can clean your baby’s supple skin. Wipes can also be used to keep the body hydrated during dry weather.

You get good quality baby wipes from brands like Pampers, Waterwipes, Johnson, and PureBorn. While selecting a wipe, it is best to go for unscented ones, especially for cleaning after a diaper change. See Yalla Baby’s available wipes

3. Baby Bath Products

Bath products include hair and body wash, shampoo and conditioner, bedtime bath, soap, and cleansing gel. These products are meant to keep the baby neat and clean. While selecting bath products, you should ensure that it is pediatrician approved, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, and gentle on the baby’s skin.

A few of the brands that you can try out are Johnson, Mustela, Just Gentle, Organic Larder, and Original Spout. Feel free to check them out by clicking this link

4. Feeding bottle

You might be exclusively breastfeeding the baby. But you never know when a feeding bottle might come handy!

A feeding bottle can be used not only to feed water and milk but also juice, soups, and other liquid food items. A few of the good brands of feeding bottles that you can try are Dr. Brown, NUK, and Camelbak. Check them out now

5. Car Seat

As per the road safety rules of the UAE, children up till 4 years should be made to sit in a car seat whenever they travel. Car seats are available in different designs and models depending on the age of the child. For babies, rear-facing car seats with 5 harnesses are the best as it provides complete protection.

Check Yalla Baby’s brands here.

6. Baby carrier

Getting your job done while carrying a baby is not an easy task. A baby carrier or wrap comes handy in such a situation. Using a baby carrier, you can wrap the baby around you while running your errand. Since the baby is close to your body, he is sure to feel comfortable.

7. Stroller

A stroller is a must-have when you take the baby out for a stroll. Like car seats, strollers are also available in different designs and sizes. It is best to go for one with a bottle holder, and a storage compartment underneath that can accommodate all baby essentials. A stroller with a canopy helps protect the baby from rain and sunlight.

Since the UAE is predominantly a hot and humid region, it is best to go for a stroller made of heat absorbent material. This way, the baby will not feel uncomfortable while being in the stroller.

8. Multi-purpose clothes

This is one product that comes handy on several occasions. It can be put on the shoulder as a burp cloth or used to wipe the baby after a feed. You can spread it out on the changing table while changing the diaper or pull it over the baby when he is feeling cold.

While purchasing multi-purpose cloth, make sure that it is lightweight and soft on the baby’s skin.

Things to Consider While Purchasing Baby Products

  • Read the label: While purchasing baby products, you should always read the label clearly for product details. In the case of products like dresses and diapers, you should check the label for the right size. For baby food and skincare products, it is best to go for products with natural ingredients.
  • Check for allergy: This should be considered if while purchasing baby food or baby bath or skin care products. If the baby is allergic to any particular ingredient, it is best to avoid food or baby care products containing that ingredient.
  • Avoid products with fragrance: Most baby products like wipes and creams contain added fragrance to mask the unpleasant smell of the ingredients. This fragrance can be irritating for the delicate skin of the baby. Thus, it is best to avoid products with artificial fragrance.
  • Do not compromise on quality: When it comes to baby products, quality should always take the upper hand. Quality products are always costly. Thus, it is best not to buy products in bulk, which might contain expired items as well. Go through the label clearly and ensure that the product is genuine and has not expired. Trusted partners like Yalla Baby give you the peace of mind mums need nowadays.

Gone are the days when baby products were confined to just the essential items. Now, new products with additional features are introduced almost every year that parents have a lot to choose from. It is good to check the review of new products online before trying it out on your little one.

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