5 Tips to Take Care of Your Baby During UAE Summer

5 Tips to Take Care of Your Baby During UAE Summer

Summer in the UAE is harsh, not just for you but for your baby as well. Though the chances of  venturing out with the baby are minimum, you should still pay attention to the baby’s overall health.

Staying inside the house throughout the day has its advantages and disadvantages. While it can protect the baby from the unbearable heat outside, the continuous exposure to the air conditioner can cause drying out of the skin, and other health problems. Thus, special care should be provided to ensure that the baby stays healthy and comfortable during the summer.

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What is The Effect of Excess Heat on Babies?

Sweating is the means by which the body cools down when it gets excessively heated. For a baby, the sweat glands are not fully functional. Because of this, babies do not sweat. In the absence of sweating, the baby’s body gets heated up, resulting in heatstroke.

Thus, it is very important to maintain the right temperature for babies. It is for this same reason that you should not leave the baby in a parked car during summer.

How to Take Care of the Baby During Summer?

We have compiled a list of things that you should pay special attention to so that your baby stays healthy throughout the summer.

  • Water intake
    The best way to determine whether the baby is getting enough fluid is to examine the urine output. If the baby’s diaper gets full in 3-4 hours, then the baby is taking in enough fluid. But if the diaper is not full even after 6 hours, then it is a sign that the baby is dehydrated.Once you suspect dehydration, you should increase the baby’s fluid consumption. Depending on the baby’s age, you can provide boiled and cooled water or juice to make up for the deficiency in fluid. For newborns, giving breast milk is the best form of hydration.
  • Baby food

    For babies above six months of age, you can provide them hydrating food along with breastmilk. Fruit juice, yogurt, and smoothies are great choices. Depending on the baby’s age, you should try to include more fruits and vegetables in the diet. Avoid giving fried food like chips as it can cause dehydration.

  • Baby bath

    Newborn babies do not require a regular bath. But if you feel that the baby is restless owing to the heat, you can consider giving a regular bath. However, make sure that the water temperature is lukewarm so that the baby feels comfortable. You can check the temperature with your elbow to ensure that the water is neither too hot nor too cold. Before bathing the baby, it is a good idea to provide an oil massage. Oil massage not only nourishes and hydrates the baby’s skin but also helps in proper blood circulation throughout the body. Some great oil options are available to add them to you monthly box.



  • Baby clothes

    Proper dressing during summer is vital to help the baby’s skin breathe. It is advisable to make the baby wear pure cotton cloth. If you do not continuously use an air conditioner, you can make the baby wear an open dress like a vest. But if the air conditioner is continuously on, then the baby should be adequately covered.

Whatever type of dress you select, make sure that it is made of cotton. This is because cotton is a breathable material and can prevent heat rash on the baby.

  • Infection

    Infections, especially viral infections, are common during summer. Breastfeeding helps to protect the baby from infection. If anyone in the house is sick, make sure that the baby stays away from them. Also, it is a good practice to wash the hands regularly with soap and water to ward off infection.

  • Bug infestation

    Mosquito and other bug infestations are common during summer months. Thus, you should protect the baby from mosquito and bug bites by using repellants. It is best to use natural and organic repellents that are baby-friendly – We do have some organic options in our website that you could add to your monthly box. If you are using a cooler indoor, it should be cleaned regularly as the water in it can be the breeding ground for mosquitoes.

What Are the Things to Avoid During Summer?

  • Outdoor play

    Babies, especially older babies and toddlers, like to go out and play. Try to avoid outdoor play as far as possible during the peak hours from 10 am – 5 pm. It is advisable to take the baby out after 8 pm when the heat becomes bearable.

    If at all you need to take the baby out, then make sure that you apply baby sunscreen. However, it is best to talk to a pediatrician before using sunscreen. Similarly, you can also make the baby wear a wide-brimmed hat so that the face can be protected.

  • Wearing diaper for long hours

    Wearing a diaper for long hours during summer can result in diaper rash. It is advisable to make the baby wear a cotton napkin so that the skin can breathe. But cleaning a cotton napkin can be a messy affair. Thus, if you prefer diapers, then you should provide adequate air time for the baby. Also, remember to clean the bottom with baby wipes and apply diaper rash cream after every change.



  • Using baby powder

    It is a common practice to use baby powder after the bath to provide a fresh smell. But using too much powder can result in the clogging of pores. Thus, if you prefer using powder, then make sure that you use only very little. Also, do not apply it directly to the baby’s body as it can cause suffocation. Instead, use your hands to spread it evenly on the baby..

    Babies, especially those less than one year of age, should be given proper care during all seasons. This is because the baby’s body is not fully developed to adjust to the changing weather. Through proper hydration, both inside and out, you and your baby can tide over the summer season without much difficulty.


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