Does becoming a mom, mean losing a bit of your ‘old self’?

Does becoming a mom, mean losing a bit of your ‘old self’?

When becoming a mother, many women feel that a part of themselves gets left behind in a former child-free life. Let’s be honest, a mother’s brain is now filled with somewhat different thoughts and priorities e.g.

When is the next bottle due?

How many wet nappies have we had today?

Is my baby getting enough sleep?

Why isn’t my baby doing that yet?

The list is endless, so how would a mother still have time to keep 100% of her ‘former self’?

What used to be second nature now doesn’t get given a thought:
  • Picking out an outfit that makes you feel exceptionally great – Baby looks fabulous, mama is now lucky if she is in clean leggings and t-shirt
  • Playing your favourite track whilst you drive and losing yourself in the moment – Babies favourite nursery rhythm is on repeat and you’re singing along
  • That weekly netball match followed by team catch up – Baby Sensory, Baby Sign Language, Baby Massage…
  • Not forgetting getting spruced up for date night – Baby is sleeping, dinner is eaten on the sofa with a Netflix series all before passing out before the end

Of course, not forgetting one of the biggest changes of all for many mothers, their career! As a natural progression into their new role as a mama, many women choose to take an extended period off work or even leave their career altogether.

No more boardroom presentations, the adrenaline of a deadline and adult conversations with colleagues over coffee. Conversation now stems around milestones, weaning and sleep regressions.

So really, it’s no wonder many women mourn the loss of a part of themselves. But is it all bad? Absolutely not! A whole new and exciting, albeit challenging sometimes, chapter has opened. The joy of watching your child grow, develop and become their own person outweighs that of a solo shopping day.

And of course, there are always ways to meet in the middle, be the best mama you can and try to enjoy as much as you can. It all comes down to that commonly used phrase…

Finding Balance:
  • Prepare an outfit the evening before so you too can look and feel fabulous for the day ahead
  • Sign up for a subscription service like Yalla Baby so you don’t need to be running errands and wasting time in the shops.
  • Educate and encourage your children to enjoy your favourite music, play and dance around whilst cooking together and watch how your child fills up with joy
  • Tag team with your partner or ask for help from family and loved ones so you can still attend your weekly activity and be 100% yourself and not mama for an hour or two
  • No babysitter? No problem. Dress up, set the table, light a candle and cook dishes from yours and your partner’s favourite restaurant. You can enjoy a date night at home too.
  • And finally, make an effort to have an adult-only conversation.  After all, if you don’t, you may find yourself beginning to coo, gaga and blow bubbles before not too long

Becoming a mother does not mean losing your former self, however, yes it does mean making effort and mixing your usual life up a little. 

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