Happy Mama, Happy Baby – Tips, tricks and a mama’s perspective

Happy Mama, Happy Baby – Tips, tricks and a mama’s perspective

The overarching question here is, how are you supposed to fuel someone else’s happiness if you’re not happy yourself? Surely the answer is simple? Make sure you’re happy and as a result, you’ll be able to be a fabulous mother and in turn, achieve a happy family.

If only it was that simple. Between feeding on demand, to washing and sterilizing countless bottles, getting baby down for their routine nap (or lack thereof), to trying to hang the washing out whilst grabbing another caffeine hit. Motherhood is hard, so when is there time for my happiness?

The solution is obtainable; however, it requires commitment. Commitment primarily to yourself, which results in your undeniable commitment to your role as a mother and your family.

So many of us mothers find putting ourselves first difficult when our priorities are now our children, their needs, and their happiness. But what if I told you that through just a few simple changes, you too could feel more yourself, more energized, and ultimately, be a happier mama.

I’m afraid the list of suggestions does not include daily salon trips, dial a nanny service or a mama and friends retreat weekend away, however, you’re the only one that can make your wishes come true. 

Simple hacks to a happier mama and baby:

  1. Listen to a podcast, your favourite playlist or an audiobook whilst working through your household chores. Your hands may not be free but your ears are so why not utilize the time to learn something new, have a sing-along or listen to a romcom novel. Mother Tongue Podcast (Sponsors of this blog) is available on Spotify or Deezer. Click here to listen
  2. Sleep deprivation as a parent isn’t an uncommon thing, however, it doesn’t hurt to catch up on a few ZZZ’s once the baby is down every now and then. Listen to your body, the dishes, tidying of the playroom and prep for tomorrow’s sensory play can wait. Nothing will be achieved if you’re not well-rested. 
  3. You too deserve alone time, no that doesn’t mean showering or getting groceries alone. It means some quality time for me, myself, and I. Whether it be a weekly candlelit bath and facemask, an hour of watching your favourite Netflix series and a hot coffee, heading to the salon to get a mani/pedi or meeting a girlfriend to grab a bite to eat. Its for you and your partner to work together in order for you both to make time for yourselves and equally, each other. 
  4. Do not underestimate the power of nourishing your body through wholesome foods as well as getting your body moving. Ensuring your children eat a balanced diet and get regular exercise is just as important for yourself. Experiencing the release of endorphins from raising your heart rate is somewhat euphoric. Your increased energy and mood will be infectious to your family and loved ones, so get out for a pre bedtime power walk or tune in to an online workout during nap time, you will not regret it.
  5. Wonder Woman masks do not last for a lifetime so do not try to hide beneath it when you are struggling. Reach out for support, this is by no means a sign of weakness, on the contrary, you are asking for help so you can be the best version of yourself for your family. Ask family or friends to pass by for an hour so you can get on top of your to do list whilst they give their undivided attention to your children. Or, why not ask them to babysit whilst you and your partner go out for a well-deserved date night. You’ll find that family and friends jump at the opportunity, all you have to do is find the courage to ask.

The above are only achievable simple hacks if you (with the help of your partner) make the commitment to making them happen. You are in control of your happiness, you are in the saddle and you are capable of equally giving yourself and your family your all. 

With Love ❤️

Yalla Baby and Mother Tongue 

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