Mom Guilt – What is it and how can we eradicate it? Pronto!

Mom Guilt – What is it and how can we eradicate it? Pronto!

Those voices in your head barking that you haven’t spent enough time on developmental play today, that’s mom guilt. That you don’t make enough time to take your child to countless classes of Baby Sensory or Messy Play, that’s mom guilt. That you haven’t batch cooked organic banana quinoa mini muffins for the afternoon snack, that’s mom guilt. And, that you don’t see your child enough because you’re a working mom, that’s also mom guilt!

What those voices do not consider is the house work that still needs to get done, the amount of money it costs to take your child to every class available, the amount of time (that you just don’t have spare) that it takes to make every meal and snack from scratch, and the reality that if you didn’t work, you wouldn’t be able to save for school fee’s.

At some point throughout every parenting journey those incredibly persuasive voices will claw you into their grip originating from personal insecurities to outside pressures from family, friends, social media, and other sources.

So how can we prevent those voices from speaking to us?

  • Children know no different
    • Our children have no expectations, therefore know no better than to be happy and content with what we provide them. If you cannot attend Baby Yoga, Baby Sensory and Little Musicians every week they’ll never know and learning to be content and playing solo also has its huge benefits.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
    • No two lives or circumstances are the same, what’s best for Martha from Messy Play doesn’t mean it’s best nor right for you and your family.
  • Remember everything is ‘filtered’
    • What you see when scrolling through Sarah’s Instagram half asleep whilst doing the night feed is very rarely reality. Remember, 9/10 only the ‘good life’ is shown in those little squares, portraying a far cry from how life really looks.
  • Parenting priorities
    • Write a list of your top parenting priorities e.g. 1 dedicated hour to uninterrupted play when you get home from work or making sure time is spent on preparing nutritionally balanced meals that you feel comfortable feeding to your child. Everything else can be done as and when, as you are ensuring your parenting priorities are achieved. Everyone’s will differ, only YOURS matter.
  • Have a genuine support network around you
    • Why put yourself through socializing with Erica and Katie if they make you feel inadequate and anxious which in turn results in mom guilt? Ensure you have a strong support network who are there to genuinely listen, lift and learn from.
  • Take care of you so you can take care of them
    • When we dedicate time to looking after ourselves e.g. eating a proper meal so we’re not running off of caffeine or taking an hour to exercise and listen to your favourite podcast. We are then able to give our full energized selves to our children which goes a lot further than a tired and irritable mom trying to get through the ABC’s.

So take the pressure off, do not allow these voices in your head to take away from such special moments throughout your motherhood experience through fear that you’re not doing enough.

Love and parent your children on your terms and do not allow what others are doing (or saying) to impact your journey.

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Yalla Baby Team ❤️

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