11 Tips for Working From Home With a Baby.

11 Tips for Working From Home With a Baby.

The pandemic has changed the way you work. ‘Work from Home’ is the new norm for most of the working people. Though it offers a lot of advantages, it may not be so easy for those with babies.

Babies require a lot of attention, especially from their parents. Thus, working from home when the baby is around is a challenging task. But things can be made easy if you plan ahead of time. This applies to managing the baby as well as your work.

How to Work From Home with a Baby?

  • Talk to your employer.

First and foremost, you should talk to your employer and colleagues about your family situation. Working with a baby in tow is not an easy task. You can win half the battle if your employer and colleagues are understanding. Be clear about how many hours you can work, and when you can attend calls. This makes matters easy for you as well as the employer. Even when there is a distraction when you are on a call, they can easily understand.

  • Take advantage of the baby’s sleeping time.

You can concentrate better and finish work fast when you take advantage of the baby’s sleeping time. If your baby’s sleeping pattern is predictable, it makes your work easier. You can finish important phone calls and meetings around that time.

If the baby does not have a predictable sleep routine, then you can wake up early morning or work late into the night after the baby goes to sleep. We encourage you to do it in the AM Hours as that’s the best performing time for human cognitive skills.

A newborn baby sleeps 2-3 hours at a stretch. This is the right time to catch up on some work. You can even wear the baby on a sling so that the baby feels more comfortable. But remember to take care of your health as your sleeping pattern can also be erratic with a newborn around.

  • Plan ahead of time

It is a good idea to plan and prioritize your work the day before. If you have to prepare some urgent documents, try to do it when the baby is sleeping. Less important and routine work that does not require much concentration can be done when the baby is awake and playing. This way, you can finish the job without much difficulty.

  • Avoid unnecessary grocery trips – Check out Subscriptions!

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  • Share the work

This is possible only if you and your partner are working from home. If your partner goes to the office or if you are staying alone, then you can get the help of a baby sitter. The other person can feed and play with the baby when you are attending to your work.

  • Work while you feed

Breastfeeding is an elaborate process that can take a lot of time. Though you are supposed to give full attention to the baby while feeding, you can take an exception while working. You can go through some important documents or attend calls while breastfeeding the baby.

  • Keep distractions away

Social media can be a big distraction while working from home. It can take a chunk of your time. Log out of all social media accounts and disconnect your phone from the internet, if your work permits. Keep a set time every day for checking your social media. Staying away from social media provides you with ample time to attend to your work and baby.

Similarly, you should not get distracted by small things in the house. For, eg; if the baby messes up the room or crawls all over the room do not get distracted. As long as it is safe, you should let the baby do those things and not get distracted.

  • Invest in age-appropriate toys

Toys can keep babies engaged for a long time. Invest in some good quality bouncer or baby swing so that the baby can spend time in it. Stacking toys, building blocks, and chain links can keep older babies engaged for a long time. If you have a toddler, you can buy good quality dolls or vehicle toys, depending on the baby’s interest.

Another option is to create a “busy box.” You can fill this box with small age-appropriate toys, but remember to change them each week. You can reintroduce the same every fortnight. This way, the baby will feel amused and spend time playing with it. Check out Yalla Baby’s here.

  • Arrange sensory activities

You might not find these activities to be amusing. But for babies and toddlers, it can keep them engaged for a long time. Playing with bubbles, drawing with crayons, etc are a few activities that toddlers would enjoy.

  • Create a safe space

Once your baby starts crawling, it is very important to create a safe space at home where you can leave the baby safely. This space should be free of furniture and should have only age-appropriate toys. Space should be baby-friendly and have safety measures installed like edge and corner guards, safety harness, and gates. When you are busy working, you should be able to leave the baby safely in this space.

  • Arrange playdates

If you have toddlers at home, then arranging playdates is a good idea to get some quality time. You can leave your toddler at a neighbors house for a playdate while attending to some important meeting. This way, your baby will be happy and engaged, and you will have quality time to spend working.


Working from home with a baby can be exhausting. You feel as if you are working the whole day. Try to give a break to yourself as much as possible. Go for a ride or take the baby to the park. Order food from outside and catch up on some movies. This helps you to refresh and rejuvenate, and make you capable of meeting new challenges in the coming week.

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