6 things to consider while purchasing baby clothes

6 things to consider while purchasing baby clothes

Most of the parents purchase baby clothes even before the baby is born. They buy a large number of baby suits and onesies and fill the baby’s wardrobe with it. Baby clothes indeed get soiled fast, and you need extra ones to change. But at the same time, the baby outgrows the clothes very fast. Thus, you should stock up only those that are essential for the baby.

 If you are first-time parents, you would consider the dress style and look while purchasing. As long as the dress is of newborn size and pleasing to the eyes, it is good to go. You may not consider other aspects like ease of use and comfort while making the purchase.

But in reality, there are certain things that you should consider while purchasing baby clothes. 

What Are the Things You Should Consider While Purchasing Baby Clothes?

1. Texture

 Baby clothes normally come with a soft texture that is delicate to touch. Since cotton is natural and eco-friendly, clothes made of this material are the best choice.  Other choices include voile, muslin, fleece, and microfiber cloth. Depending on the weather, you can purchase clothes.

2.  Weather

The weather is another thing that you should consider while purchasing baby clothes. If you are staying in an area with a tropical climate, then cotton clothes are the best. Cotton is light and airy and helps the skin to breathe.

On the other hand, if you stay in a cold region, you should consider layering the cloth. Though woolen baby clothes are available, the wool may be harsh for the baby’s delicate skin.

If you are purchasing cloth for future use, then the climatic condition when the baby uses the cloth should be considered.

3. Ease of wearing

Since you change the clothes multiple times a day, the ease of wearing requires due consideration. This is particularly so for newborn babies whose head is wobbly. You can either go for dresses with buttons on the shoulders or with a stretchable neck.

Another option is to go for dresses with zippers on the front. While purchasing a dress with a zipper, make sure that there is a clothing line between the baby’s body and zip. This helps to protect the baby’s delicate body.

 In the case of pants, a full elastic waist with a diaper opening is the right choice. Since you need to change the baby diaper multiple times, it is best to have an opening between the legs for ease of change.

5. Accessories and embellishments

Embellishments on clothes like buttons, bows, and hooks are not only uncomfortable for the baby but also dangerous. Thus, you should make sure that the dress you are purchasing does not have any of these. In case you come across a dress with any of these accessories, make sure that it is fastened tightly.

Similarly, it is best to avoid dresses with embroidery, particularly on the chest. This might sometimes rub against the baby’s delicate skin and cause discomfort.

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4. Baby’s weight

Most baby dresses will have age and weight mentioned in it. You should go by weight instead of the age, as age and size may not match for all brands. You should select a dress that is one size bigger than the baby’s weight so that you can use it for some time. This is particularly important while selecting a dress for newborns.

5. Washing instruction. 

 Baby clothes need frequent washing as it gets soiled very fast. It is best to go for machine-washable clothes as it makes your job easy. But remember to follow the wash care instructions as mentioned in the cloth while washing. This helps to prevent shrinking and other damage.

6. Number of clothes

 Most parents tend to buy a large number of baby clothes. Since the clothes get soiled very fast, it is a good idea to stock up. But having more than what is required is a waste of money as baby clothes become small in no time. If your friends or family gifted any baby dress, you should consider that before purchasing a new one. Similarly, if you have older babies whose clothes get passed on to the siblings, then you should take that as well into consideration before purchasing new clothes.

This is particularly important for expensive clothes that will be born just once or twice.

What Are the Things to Consider While Using Baby Clothes?

  • Washing

You should always wash baby clothes before using it. Most of the clothes are treated with starch and other chemicals to make it look crisp and new. These chemicals can be harmful to the delicate baby skin. Washing will not only get rid of these chemicals but also makes the cloth soft to touch. This makes the baby more comfortable.

Also, you should turn the dress inside out while washing. This helps prevent the fading of the clothing.

  • Threads and loops

Some baby clothes will have loops attached to it to enhance its look. Sometimes threads might hang out from the edge of the dress. If the baby’s little finger is caught in between, it might hurt him. Thue, before wearing make sure that there are no loops and loose threads on the dress.

  • Washing and Drying

 While washing baby clothes, use a gentle detergent that is not harsh on the baby’s skin. Launder it separately and do not mix with your soiled garments.

As for drying, you should always let the baby’s clothes air dry in direct sunlight. Air drying gets rid of the smell in the clothes and makes it fresh. It also helps kill any bacteria present in the dress.

The first one year of the baby is hard on your pocket as you need to buy different products. The best way to go about this is to purchase clothes on sale. You can subscribe to the newsletters of popular brands to get alert when a sale is going on. Also, take advantage of reward points from popular stores, which also helps you to save money.

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