8 Baby Products Every New Mum Needs

8 Baby Products Every New Mum Needs

Parenting is not an easy task. It brings with it a lot of duties and responsibilities. While on the one hand, you need to attend to every need of the baby; on the other, you should ensure that the baby is well taken care of. From feeding the baby at the right time to meeting all their physical and emotional requirements, the task is endless.

The good news is that there are many baby products that can make your job easy. While some products are familiar, others may not be so, especially for first-time mothers. Here we are sharing a few of the must-have products for a new mother.

  1. Diapers

A newborn baby has only three requirements – a good supply of milk when they are hungry, a cozy bed to sleep, and poop whenever they feel like, and be comfortable. As long as all these requirements are met, your life will be easy.

Hence, a good quality diaper that is appropriate to the baby’s weight is highly essential. While purchasing a diaper, you should ensure that it is of the right size, soft to touch, and has a good absorbing capacity. Brands like Pampers, Huggies, and PureBorn are good quality diapers that keep your baby comfortable. Explore the whole Yalla Baby Range here

  1. Baby Wipes

Keeping your baby clean after every feed and diaper change is highly essential. Baby wipes come handy in such situations. These are soft, wet wipes that can clean your baby’s supple skin. Wipes can also be used to keep the body hydrated during dry weather.

You get good quality baby wipes from brands like Pampers, Waterwipes, Johnson, and PureBorn. While selecting a wipe, it is best to go for unscented ones, especially for cleaning after a diaper change. See Yalla Baby’s available wipes

3. Baby Bath Products

Bath products include hair and body wash, shampoo and conditioner, bedtime bath, soap, and cleansing gel. These products are meant to keep the baby neat and clean. While selecting bath products, you should ensure that it is pediatrician approved, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, and gentle on the baby’s skin.

A few of the brands that you can try out are Johnson, Mustela, Just Gentle, Organic Larder, and Original Spout. Feel free to check them out by clicking this link

4. Feeding bottle

You might be exclusively breastfeeding the baby. But you never know when a feeding bottle might come handy!

A feeding bottle can be used not only to feed water and milk but also juice, soups, and other liquid food items. A few of the good brands of feeding bottles that you can try are Dr. Brown, NUK, and Camelbak. Check them out now

5. Car Seat

As per the road safety rules of the UAE, children up till 4 years should be made to sit in a car seat whenever they travel. Car seats are available in different designs and models depending on the age of the child. For babies, rear-facing car seats with 5 harnesses are the best as it provides complete protection.

Check Yalla Baby’s brands here.

6. Baby carrier

Getting your job done while carrying a baby is not an easy task. A baby carrier or wrap comes handy in such a situation. Using a baby carrier, you can wrap the baby around you while running your errand. Since the baby is close to your body, he is sure to feel comfortable.

7. Stroller

A stroller is a must-have when you take the baby out for a stroll. Like car seats, strollers are also available in different designs and sizes. It is best to go for one with a bottle holder, and a storage compartment underneath that can accommodate all baby essentials. A stroller with a canopy helps protect the baby from rain and sunlight.

Since the UAE is predominantly a hot and humid region, it is best to go for a stroller made of heat absorbent material. This way, the baby will not feel uncomfortable while being in the stroller.

8. Multi-purpose clothes

This is one product that comes handy on several occasions. It can be put on the shoulder as a burp cloth or used to wipe the baby after a feed. You can spread it out on the changing table while changing the diaper or pull it over the baby when he is feeling cold.

While purchasing multi-purpose cloth, make sure that it is lightweight and soft on the baby’s skin.

Things to Consider While Purchasing Baby Products

  • Read the label: While purchasing baby products, you should always read the label clearly for product details. In the case of products like dresses and diapers, you should check the label for the right size. For baby food and skincare products, it is best to go for products with natural ingredients.
  • Check for allergy: This should be considered if while purchasing baby food or baby bath or skin care products. If the baby is allergic to any particular ingredient, it is best to avoid food or baby care products containing that ingredient.
  • Avoid products with fragrance: Most baby products like wipes and creams contain added fragrance to mask the unpleasant smell of the ingredients. This fragrance can be irritating for the delicate skin of the baby. Thus, it is best to avoid products with artificial fragrance.
  • Do not compromise on quality: When it comes to baby products, quality should always take the upper hand. Quality products are always costly. Thus, it is best not to buy products in bulk, which might contain expired items as well. Go through the label clearly and ensure that the product is genuine and has not expired. Trusted partners like Yalla Baby give you the peace of mind mums need nowadays.

Gone are the days when baby products were confined to just the essential items. Now, new products with additional features are introduced almost every year that parents have a lot to choose from. It is good to check the review of new products online before trying it out on your little one.

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