How to Wean the Baby from Breast Milk

How to Wean the Baby from Breast Milk

Every milestone of the baby is challenging for a mom. Weaning from breastmilk is both physically and emotionally challenging. On the one hand, you will feel more freedom as the baby is no longer wholly dependent on you. On the other hand, you feel a pinch of sadness when the baby moves away from you.

The nutritional requirement of the baby changes as the baby grows. Breastmilk alone may not be enough to meet all these growing requirements. Thus, weaning the baby becomes inevitable.

When Should You Start Weaning the Baby? 

As per the WHO guidelines, a baby should be exclusively breastfed until six months. After that, you can start giving solid food, but continue to breastfeed until the baby is two years. Thus, you should start weaning the baby from 6 months of age.

The baby is usually ready to wean when:

  • Has good control of neck muscles
  • Can sit up straight
  • Shows interest in food
  • Opens the mouth when food is shown
  • Turns the head when full.

How to Wean the Baby?

  • Pick the right time

 Weaning should be a slow process unless there is an emergency. You can start with one meal a day. Pick out a time when the baby is least interested in breastfeeding. In most cases, this will be morning or afternoon time when the baby is active.

  • Start with a small quantity.

When you introduce food for the first time, you should provide only very small quantities. Half to one teaspoon is enough for the first day. This way, you can check how the baby reacts to the food. You can slowly increase the quantity as the days go by.

  • Go slow

You should provide ample time for the baby to get used to a particular food. Provide them only one type of food a week. Once the baby is fully adjusted, you can introduce a new variety in the next week.

Leaving a gap between different types of food lets you figure out whether the baby is allergic to any food.

  • Be close to the baby

Hold the baby upright or be close to the baby when you feed. This makes the weaning process easy for you and the baby. Once the baby is fully weaned, you can make them sit on a high chair while feeding.

  • Provide a comfort object

Weaning is not easy for all. If you find that your baby is cranky, you should give a comfort object to hug and snuggle. It can be a blanket, stuffed toy, or even your dress. Having the comfort object close to them provides them a sense of security.

When Should You Put Off Weaning?

You should consider postponing the weaning when

  • The baby is sick
  • There is some major change in the house, like relocating to a new place.
  • The baby is allergic to particular food.

In such circumstances, you can wait for some time and continue the weaning process once things are in place.


The most crucial aspect while weaning a baby is to stay calm. If you are tense or anxious about weaning, it will make the whole process exhausting. Try to maintain a set schedule and pattern which will make weaning both a pleasurable and relaxing experience. For then transferring on to Formula Milk you know you can trust Yalla Baby Box and it’s amazing range of products.

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