How to Develop a Sleep Schedule for Babies

How to Develop a Sleep Schedule for Babies

Babies, on average, require 12-18 hours of sleep a day. While a newborn sleeps for close to 16-18 hours, the sleep pattern changes as the baby grows. Once they are close to one year, the baby requires only 12-14 hours of sleep.

Sleep is highly essential for the overall growth of a baby. It makes the baby less cranky and keeps them healthy and active when they are awake. With proper sleep, the baby can take in the right amount of food without feeling drowsy. In fact, a well-rested baby is an active and cheerful baby!!

When Should You Start a Sleep Schedule for a Baby?

As mentioned earlier, a newborn baby sleeps close to 16-18 hours a day. Thus, developing a sleeping pattern for a newborn is impossible.

 But once the baby is around 5-6 months, you will have more or less a clear idea about their sleeping pattern. Babies around this age will have a fixed nap time, feeding time, and playtime. Thus, you can start a sleep schedule when the baby is close to 5-6 months.

How to Schedule Baby Sleep?

  • Keep a watch on the baby’s sleeping pattern.

First, you should have a clear idea about the number of hours a baby sleep and remain awake. This helps you to schedule a sleep pattern.

A newborn baby might be awake for only a few minutes every hour. But as the baby grows past the initial three months, the wake-up time also increases. This makes it easy for you to schedule the sleep.

  • Understand baby sleep cues

Sleep cues are signs that the baby shows when they feel sleepy. Yawning, rubbing of eyes, becoming cranky, etc. are a few of the sleep cues that babies show. You should try to put the baby to sleep as soon as the baby shows the sleep cues. If you go past the sleep cue, it might be difficult to put the baby to sleep.

  • Develop a sleeping routine

A sleeping routine tells the baby that it is time to sleep. During day time, you can sing a lullaby, which signals the baby that it is time to sleep. Nighttime routine can include giving a bath, massage, feeding, and lullaby – You can get all these essentials in your monthly box at Yalla Baby. Developing a sleeping routine makes it easy for you as well as the baby.

  • Teach the baby to self-soothe

Only a few babies get uninterrupted sleep. Most of the babies make some noise and even wake up in between sleep. Do not attend to the baby as soon as the baby wakes up. Give them time to suck their thumb and self-soothe. Some babies might drowse off after self-soothing.

You should attend to the baby only if they start crying. This could be a sign that the baby is hungry or wet.


Developing a sleep schedule for the baby is very important as it brings predictability. It helps the baby to clearly understand daytime and nighttime sleep, thus helping in smooth and easy transition. It also makes your job easy as things become predictable. Another mum hack would be to subscribe to your monthly baby needs – See why all UAE mums are subscribing.


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