How to adjust shipping dates or pause your subscription

How to adjust shipping dates or pause your subscription

  • Are you running out of diapers before the month’s subscription is due?
  • Do you still have enough diapers in stock from your previous subscription box and don’t need your box ASAP?
  • Are you planning to go on a holiday and need to pause your box temporarily/indefinitely? 

We’ve made it EXTREMELY easy for you to modify shipping dates or pause for any of the above situations.

Have in mind pausing and rescheduling your box is totally FREE. There are no costs for pausing/rescheduling your subscription.

The good thing about pausing is that you don’t lose your subscription streaks and earning loyalty rewards (up to 3,500 AED in prizes)


  • You’ll need to log in to your account


  • Click on the ‘My Boxes’ Section

Once you log in you’ll be redirected to the Yalla Baby dashboard where you’ll be able to see all of our products. On the top left corner you will find a menu icon.

Click on it and once the sidebar appears, click on ‘My Boxes’.


  • If you’d like to change delivery dates click on Reschedule

You should see two tabs – upcoming boxes and past boxes. To change your shipping date, click on upcoming boxes.

Once you see the shipping date field, simply select the new date on which you’d like your box to be delivered.




  • If you’d like to pause your subscription

You can skip up to 3 deliveries at once when you pause or also pause indefinitely if you need to – so you don’t lose the loyalty rewards. All of these options are FREE.

Click Pause.

Select the pauseoption that’s most suitable for you.


  • Reactivating a paused box

Once your box is paused it will all be greyed out. To reactivate your subscription you’ll need to click on “Activate”.

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